Integrative Fitness

"If I would become what I dreamed as a child
 I'd be fearless, devoted, alive" - Greg Dulli

pilatesmandi : Integrative Fitness offers Pilates, Personal Training, Rooftop Fitness Classes, Reiki + Intuitive Counseling by appointment. True wellness is the integration of a healthy body, mind, heart, soul + spirit and at pilatesmandi you'll be expertly guided towards your most powerful self.


55 min. sessions in Pilates, Personal Training + Reiki

intro 3 pack $250

10 pack $950

single session $100



70 min. Rooftop Fitness Classes

Pilates Chakra Flow: a cardio-strength circuit combining trampoline, slide, weights, physioball, kettlebell, Pilates mat work + personalized Reiki healing.




connect body to mind and:


build strength/get ripped

burn fat/lose weight

eliminate pain/rehab injuries

re-balance Muscles/improve posture

reduce stress/chillax

quiet the mind/heal anxiety, depression, insomnia

re-balance emotions/feel happy

Re-balance Chakras/be in the flow

manifest desires/be the best version of yourself



all sessions at home studio by appointment please

email: pilatesmandi@yahoo.com


Greenpoint, Brooklyn







"I am not what happened to me, i am what i choose to become"

- Carl Jung




Mandi l. Neubecker-Phillips, "ethericashadowsound" is a former figure skater, holds a Ba in modern Dance/choreography from western michigan university,is certified in Pilates by Half moon pilates/the lab, certified in Personal training by ACE, certified in Reiki levels i, ii, iii by lyndsey harrington, sarah Bisceglie, + Nitya Vink and fronts dreamrock band, champale gold. Mandi's own personal transformation has inspired her to help others become the very best version of themselves.  when she's not teaching she's either writing songs on her fender telecaster, flippin' tarot cards or hanging out with her amazing husband, Jason + cattledog, Wildfire.